Monday, August 22, 2011

Reporting issues in smali/baksmali

Due to an issue in the 1.2.7 release of smali/baksmali, I've noticed an interesting trend - When people find an issue in smali/baksmali, they seem to post to <insert favorite forum here>, and then proceed to completely neglect to tell me about it.

For this particular issue, luckily, someone did ping me on #smali on freenode to report the issue. This was perfect, because I was able to talk to them, figure out what was going on, and reproduce the issue. And of course, to then fix it

However, I didn't think this particular issue would be encountered very often, so I decided to queue up the fix for the next release. And I didn't hear anyone complaining, which seemed to back up my hypothesis that it was a rare issue that wouldn't normally be encountered.

Luckily, every once in a while I do a "last 24 hours" or "last week" google search for smali and baksmali, just to see what's up. And I noticed several reports of this issue on various forums (mostly xda-dev). I'm somewhat baffled as to why they didn't file an issue or even let me know about it. I can't fix the tool if people don't let me know it's broken!

Once I noticed that people were encountering the issue more frequently than I expected, I decided to go ahead and make a new release that fixes the issue.

The moral of the story is simple - Please Report Bugs!

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