Thursday, December 23, 2010

smali/baksmali 1.2.6

smali/baksmali 1.2.6  is out, now with support for gingerbread odex files. A few other minor fixes are also included. You can grab the new version here


  1. thanks a lot for your work on smali/baksmali. i really appreciate it.

    recently i came across a .dex file that took forever to baksmali and then did not decompile a class. it just skipped it! the same thing happened with dedexer. dexdump, however, decompiles everything normally.

    i hunted for your e-mail for a while, but couldn't find it. i can send you a copy of the .dex file if you like.

  2. I am trying to use baksmali and am trying to decode dex files. i tried using this line

    java -jar baksmali-1.2.6.jar -o out XXXX.dex

    in a bat file
    when i run the bat file it does nothing when i run baksmali it does nothing i feel im missing something in my computer somewhere but i cant figure out what i run a 64 bit windows 7 i have had no issues up to this point what am i doing wrong?

  3. I am trying to use baksmali to decompile my dex and odex files and am continuously having no luck i am using a bat file to designate the specific dex and odex files

    (REM 1. Decompiler.bat
    java -jar baksmali-1.2.6.jar -o out XXXX.dex)

    this is the format i was using and this does not seem to work now im not sure why or what is causing it if it is having issues accessing my java or not as i use a 64 bit and everyone else uses a 32 bit i have tried using the cd i function and so on and so forth but am stumped any ideas?

  4. I am new to smali. How do I open smali? Which program?


  5. hi sir

    i wanna ask
    can .smali file modify with eclipse?


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