Saturday, August 29, 2009

A new release

of smali/baksmali. (no, not a new rom :p)

smali/baksmali v0.95 is out. The major change in this version is a re-implemented/optimized version of dexlib, as well as changes in smali/baksmali to work with the new dexlib. Also, I've optimized baksmali, so it should run much much quicker now (up to 4x quicker). smali should also be a bit quicker, but nothing you'll probably notice.

As far as new functionality goes, baksmali will now output registers that are mapped to method parameters using a p<n> syntax, instead of the normal v<n> syntax. i.e. p0 is the first method parameter (or the "this" reference, for non-static methods). This makes it much less of a pain when you need to increase the number of registers in a method. Previously, you would have to go through and bump up the number for all of the parameter registers, but with the p<n> syntax, you won't have to. If you don't want this functionality, you can use the -p command line argument to turn it off.

The new versions can be found at the project download page

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  1. Thanks - this is a really useful tool. I used it to patch the Vending application so that it thinks that I am a US T-Mobile G1, so I can get paid + protected apps on my ADP1.


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