Monday, May 25, 2009

JFv1.51 Quickfix for Multitouch Browser issue

The browser in the US and UK versions of JFv1.51 have an issue where multi-touch doesn't work. This issue does not affect the ADP version. You can fix this issue yourself easily.

(In terminal emulator)
mount -o rw,remount /system
rm /system/app/Browser.odex

Alternatively, I've also created a tiny file that you can apply in recovery mode to fix the problem. This is just a quickfix update that deletes the Browser.odex file.
[download id="22"]

Just to be clear: if multi-touch in your browser is working, you don't need to do anything. If it is not working, you can follow the terminal emulator instructions above, or apply the quick fix.

Note: I've updated the US and UK downloads in the v1.51 release blog post to an updated version that has this fix. I didn't update the version number since this is a small problem that is easily fixed. I believe jf updater has been updated with the fixed builds as well.


  1. thank you working ger8

  2. thanks, was just wondering about the perfect

  3. Yeah... I was on a date last night showing off my G1 Cupcake's capabilities (after explaining how cool JFUpdater was working).

    When I got to a browser page to demo multi-touch nothing happened. She asked why I was "doing that with your fingers" and I changed the subject. LOL.

  4. I did the: transfer to G1 SD card, rename the file to "" and then in recovery mode pressed "alt S"

    All went well and I have multi-touch back.


  5. thank you so much JF you rule, one question, is there a way to change the framwork on US 1.51??

  6. I wiped my phone after installing jfv1.51 and now i can't get past the registration screen... help!!!

  7. hello again. JF, thank you so much for fixing this. It's no biggie, but you really do care about us. I was wondering if there is a way to get 5 homescreens on the g1, or thats just something that comes with another build from someone else. thanks again

  8. ThanX!
    Your hard work makes loving my G1 easy. Donated.. Urge anyone who hasn't... please do. Paypal makes it a snap!

  9. Did anyone answer this for you?

    When doing the first cupcake install, JFv1.5 it was stuck on loading, so I removed the battery, did the "alt W" and it did not work.

    Did the Alt-W again and it worked.

    Also, if you manually downloaded that the entire file downloaded. You might want to download it again to see if it's the download that is the issue. Sometimes you can get a hiccup in a file while it's downloading and not know that it happened.

  10. When you next build, it would be appreciated if you'd get that
    -o noatime into the sdcard mount in I'm actually planning to replace "mount" with a shell file to do that at boot time, as an alternative to rebuilding the ramdisk myself right now.


  11. First I want to thanks for a good work.
    I'm having problem modifying /system/modules folder. I know that this folder is actually mounted "modules.cramfs" file but it's Read-only file system. I wish to add ext2 module to be able to run debian but i had no luck with that.

  12. My .27 kernel has ext2 support built in. There's no need for a module.

  13. Cool
    I didn't know that :)

  14. hi jf, thanks for getting this update out so soon, where would we be without you...

    on that note, i am having a little issue... wifi tether for root doesn't seem to want to work anymore. when i load it up it pulls up the su helper to ask for su permissions (as it should), so i grant them (allow always, so i don't get prompted again), and then when it goes back to wifi tether it tells me it was unable to gain root access.

    i know i have su, as first i'm using your most recent 1.51 US build, and second when i go into terminal and type su i get the # prompt. no other apps have had any su issues.

    i know that wifi tether was having similar issues when adp 1.5 was released, but i was thought that had been fixed already. i even tried to uninstall, re-download from the google projects page, and reinstall and still the same issue when i load up the app... i know it's not your app, but since it's your build i figured you'd probably be the best person to ask.

    thanks again for all your hard work.

  15. update to this, in case anyone else is having the same issue...

    wifi tether for root users 0.96 seems to work no problem, the newest release (0.97.1) is the version having the issue above...

  16. Hi JF!

    Thanks for JF 1.51 it is really outstanding, making my ADP1 much more powerful than with the stock image.

    However I have an issue with multitouch. Not in the browser (it works fine) but in the Maps app. It doesn't work in the Maps. I've updated my system from the stock HTC ADP1 1.5 image to JF 1.51 ADP1 with a full wipe.

    I think it should work, right? Or is it a known issue? Or is it just me?


  17. I saw the issue above also - e.g. complained about root as well on 0.97.1

    But I got it to work.

    Go into SuperUser permissions app and ensure you delete the permission for Tether and then try again It will work after that as it will prompt again for permission and function fine

    I'm running JF's-Firmware (1.4x) but tethering doesn't start or my phone hangs!

    Caught it in the Tether Google Code Page FAQ they had up (was for 1.43) but used this below and got Tether 0.97.1 to work from then on:

    JF's firmware comes with an application called Superuser Whitelist. This application has an error which sometimes prevents programs from being able to acquire root-permission, even when the user tells it to give them! See the bug report. You can first try simply opening Superuser Whitelist and removing the entry for "android.tether". If that doesn't work, try uninstalling Android Wifi Tether and installing it again. If you are lucky enough (this issue happens and/or is fixed randomly) you will no longer experience this issue!

  18. On my comment, editing issue; I'm running 1.51 US with 0.97.1 to be clear... Just remove the Superuser permission and try again is the bottom line ; if it works once it will work from then on.

  19. looks like it was just a su whitelist issue, once i got 0.96 installed and working, i upgraded to 0.97.1 as a test and it works just fine now...

  20. Hy Guys!
    Could anybody explain for me, what's the difference between the "regular" JF 1.51 and the ADP version? Do I have to update to it my phone with the JF Updater? This is only because of the browser issue?
    Sorry, maybe my English is not enough well, but I don't understand...
    From Hungary

  21. Was just wondering if stereo bluetooth was added in update or if it will be later? Using jf 1.51 right now. Also, was the radio image file supposed to updated to another file because the file that was offered never would download? Have had some connection problems lately but I got no ifea where to find it again to download it if I need it. I'm running file at the moment. Any help would be appreciated. Thnx in advance.

  22. Nevermind. I've just realized that the Maps app isn't patchedi to use the multitouch feature. Sorry for the lame question.

  23. Just wondering what's the name of the app to search for to get notified of updates from JF? Thanks

  24. Its called jfupdater. Its in the market.

  25. I apply this fix and it works sometimes. But after reboot it doesn't. I did apply the v2 volume fix, apps2sd, and just installed SetCPU. It seems somewhere during all of this, it got reset.

    PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

  26. You rock man! Worked like a charm

  27. Hey JF u rock. Is it just me or 1.51(us) running slower than what I originally had which was adp1.5. Is anyone noticing this or is it just me? I ll probably switch to adp 1.51 to see if it'll run faster and smoother.

  28. hey i got stuck trying to download haykuro's build. When i deleted the JF version then I di the whole home power thing and then got stuck in a android system recovery utility Build: JFv1.3 every time i reboot it goes back to this page and wipe isn't even working. It won't turn phone all the way on so that it reconizes it on the compuuter so i can fix it. Please Help!!

  29. If it will a very long time to enter the os after the update? it keeps on showing the ANDROID for almost half an hour, i can't wait anymore, so i wiped and reboot, just lost my former configs.

  30. I've noticed this too. I'm on US1.51. I also noticed that my music will turn of randomly a few seconds to about a minute into a song. Anyone else running into this?

  31. thata too funny

  32. i have also noticed that yes the us1.5 does run slower than adp

  33. Any info about the locales on AD version?

  34. Hey, if i receive a text message while listening to music, all sound devices (headphones, rear speaker, phone speaker and probably the mic) just stop working. I have to reboot my phone to continue listening to music or make/receive calls.

    This happened using your JF1.5ADP, so i updated to the 1.51ADP but still happens.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  35. Having noatime built in would be great, it's a fairly small change but would definitely be appreciated.

  36. Doh got it fixed.. seems that when a ringtone is played while listening to music it fails. all better now :) great work JF

  37. Anybody has "Audible touche tones" not working? It is enabled in the settings but I can't hear any sounds using the dial pad when making a call.

    Thanks for the good work!

  38. the browser on this is very very very slow man sucks
    bt the rest is good just slow

  39. Hi, I bought a htc magic. Can I activate multitouch there, too?

  40. Hey, I was just wonderin I've been up to date with jesusfrekes fine work since I've owned the g1. But I actually ran into something that's almost making me want to get a different phone. The bluetooth issue, not being able to voice dial! Are you joking me? Really such a intellegent phone, not to mention open source. So I was hoping someone could help me understand if I could get an update to fix this or maybe point me in the direction to where I could write JF or Haykuro or Dude directly to ask one of them if they could compile. Some sort of update or something, please anything. I really need this issue fixed, I need hands-free! Well any help I would b thankful. Thank you

  41. Do you have ifconfig//iwconfig precompiled in this release(sorry, don't have a phone to check on yet)? if not, can you send me an email with them precompiled? think I'll be able to supply you with the makefiles, but not 100% sure.

    Thanks in advance

  42. I'm a newbie at this so forgive me but I don't know how to correct these three issue I am having with US adp jf1.51 version. First Though, I really want to thank-you JF, you have done some amazing work!
    1) I have a jawbone prime bluetooth headset and there is no ringtone on it when a call comes in. The G1 does ring though. It did ring on incoming calls before the update. I have checked all the sound settings and connections.
    2) Upon startup the G1 fails to find or log onto any network for calling. It fails G2/3 log on as well. I can go to call settings do an operator search and find T-Mobile and manually connect. I have to do 2 searches and 2 seperate network log ons to get Bars and a data connection. I had this issue with the T-Mobile 1.5 release as well.
    3) This is more of a question than anything else, I have the Super User Permissions App and when I click on it all that opens is a black scree without a cursor or anything, I push menu and nothing, what is this for exactly? Are there instructions somewhere for how to use it?
    Sorry if these questions are rudimentary but if anyone can tell me simply how to fix these issues I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks, All.

  43. Dear Mr Freke

    Would you password my triangle?
    (it would suck if my device gets stolen and all the security software I loaded on it would be gone with a simple wipe.)


  44. hello JF, thanks for the great build. However, i am not able to get multi touch! when i enter the codes on the terminal emulator, when i reach the "rm /system/app/Browser.odex" they would say no such directory! I also tried applying the update but i am still not able to get multi touch! Helpp!!!

  45. Hello, I recently rooted my G1, and installed JFv1.50 ADP1.5., after I was finished I install the app JF Updater, and updated the phone to JFv1.51, that was done on Sunday and since then everything was working perfectly fine, but today when I try to browse the Internet, I ge the following message.

    Subscription Upgrade Reguired
    Your current plan is not compatible with this device. Please click here to veiw plan options.

    I was wodering if anybody have had this issue, and if there is any work around that, orther than downgrading to RC29 and waiting to get the update from T-mobile.


  46. Hi,
    after having messed up my G-1 i've installed your 1.51-EU.
    Very nice, but system/ is almost full so I couldn't install
    PDFViewer and HTC_IME. So I started to try various tricks to free some space. After a few hours I've found a way to free
    about 1,5M of space in /system. The trick is to unzip and then rezip with -9 the .apk files. The result is:


    /system: 69120K total, 68376K used, 744K available (block size 4096)


    /system: 69120K total, 66844K used, 2276K available (block size 4096)

    I've not noticed a performance decrease so far, on the contrary the apps seem to be faster...
    One problem I faced was that if the rezipped files were adb pushed to the device in a script loop there were "No space left on device" errors. So it is best to push them in little groups and reboot the device as the space savings are effective only after a reboot.
    Just my 0.2 cents, maybe this could be somehow useful.

    Ciao and thanks for your work.

    PS.: would like to add italian localization to the wishlist for 1.52 ;-)

  47. The Beast in BlackJune 4, 2009 at 7:13 AM

    Hey JF, will you porting Ion into a JF build? I'm a die-hard JF image freak and would rather wait for you to port Ion before I go and try the other Ion ports.

  48. Works great except I can't see the paid apps in the market and wireless seems to lock-up the phone. Any suggestions?

    I did a wipe, updated radio, and installed latest build. My phones is unlocked but with radio seems to act as if the phone is on home network.

  49. yes, browser is slow and frequently freezes, I experience that too... It is pretty slow in all aspects.

  50. JF, great work on making G1 great to own. How soon can we see and img of the HKC Pearl. Seems they some how use the Virtual Machine to put win mobile and andriod on same phone. get your hands on one of those.

    Thanks Again,


  51. i believe ADP is used for the DEV phone. The Us version is the one you will want to use if you bought your phone from T_mobile or walmart or where ever else they sell them. The Uk version is used the same...depending on your location. I might be wrong, just do a little searching to see what you need

  52. Love the firmware man! everything runs smooth on my phone unless i have everything open at once haha! Keep up the good work!! cant wait for the next release!

  53. hi jf i am rooting my phone tonight with your updates have read extensively on this process and i believe i am ready my question is with this update will i be able to use wi fi to go through the initial registration like you did here?

  54. There's real bluetooth support in the android source now. Check Is it possible to include the bluetooth build in JF images?

  55. I have rooted my G1 and installed JF cupcake 1.51 developer version also installed radio.

    The problem is none of my browsers are working. The default G1 browser doesn't work as soon as I installed JF 1.50. So the browser I usually use is Steel. It works perfectly before I upgrade the Steel. After I downloaded the latest version of Steel, not only the default browser doesn't work as usual, the Steel no longer working.

    I tried to fix the problem by installing JF Radio.

    But still doesn't work. I didn't wipe my phone because it's too tideous to entry everything all over again.

    Thanks for the advice.

  56. The exact symptom:

    The first page it loads perfectly! (No, it is NOT due to cache, I loaded a completed NEW page never visited before)

    But as long as I click any of the links on the page, new window pops up and I get this:

    "Web page not available
    ... may be temporarily down or...
    Here are some suggestions:
    check to make sure your device has a signal and data connection
    Reload this webpage later
    View a cache copy..."

    Obviously signal isn't the issue, as I can download data from Market and even Voice search perfectly.

    JF, I really appreciate your effort, I hope this report can help you to improve your system better.

  57. Hey my g1 call log says unknown all the way down. N also when I get incomin calls it just say unknown. Can sumbody please help me?

  58. Problem: Audio playback stops and all audio functionality is broken until reboot.

    Solution: Re-install/reflash the newest radio on you G1/Dream.
    I'm not going to explain that process here because it's very simple and there are how-to's all over the internet.

  59. YES im having the same problem with the US version when adding the ADP is worked fine help please!

  60. [...] radio: Oh, and there is also a small fix you may need to run if your browser multi-touch doesn’t work right off the bat. Here is a [...]


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