Tuesday, March 3, 2009

JFv1.43 RC9 Version is out!

Here is the "JFized" version of the new UK RC9 firmware.

There are no changes as far as my modifications go, between JFv1.41 RC8 and JFv1.43 RC9. It has just been updated for RC9 instead of RC8.

For more info on the JFv1.4* builds in general, see the xda-dev announcement thread for JFv1.4*.




  1. I added this to my front page and the links to the JFupdater update list. If anyone is looking for an easy way to download and apply updates JFupdater is almost complete and can be found at JFupdater.googlecode.com and works just fine in this beta version (1.0 is supposed to be released any day).

    As always, thanks for the updates and nice blog JesusFreke.

  2. I just updated to the the firmware and the new voice search functionality seems to be missing.

    Any thoughts?

  3. [...] JF (interview) na svém blogu právě zveřejnil novou RC svého velmi populárního firmware JFv1.43 RC9 pro T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. JF verze operačního systému, narozdíl od oficiálního vydání, [...]

  4. Great work as always jesusfreke, when I am a bit more financially flush I will make it my mission to make a donation, as your firmware mods rule, and you release them very quickly.


    P.S. Does anyone know why paid apps are STILL not showing up :/

  5. I tried installing this (renaming it to update.zip, rebooting, Ctl-S) and I get a message:

    E:No signature (385 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  6. I've been running RC8 for a week or so (the amount of time I've had my phone) and had no problems - awesome work big man.

    One question- should I install the radio update? It's always associated to RC33 which I know is US, so I skipped it at the time.. Just thought I'd ask! Thanks for your hard work..

  7. [...] There is of course the “do it for me, please” version. The one for “lazy cowards”! :-P People like JesusFreke, already been very useful here, can really make stuff easier for the rest of us. He/She maintains a blog with regular releases of his Android built, based on the stable releases of Google, but enhanced with some “spicy and yummy” stuff. While I’m writing this the latest build for ADP1 is JFv1.43RC9. [...]

  8. Help - phone seems to be trying to install OTA RC9!

    Downloaded and flashed the new radio and then the JFv1.43_RC9 file to my UK phone. Now it is downloading what I assume to be the official update to RC9. I've switched to airplane mode to block it till I work out what's going on.

    My version info shows
    Firmware 1.1
    Kernel 2.6.25-01843-gfea26b0 jesusfreake@AndroidDev #1
    Build kila-eu-user 1.1 TMI-RC9 128600 ota-rel-keys,release-keys

    Then Device Info shows
    Pending Upgrade signed-TMI-RC9-from-TMUK-RC8.a37580e9.zip

    with download status suspended

    Advice please?


  9. Yes, the official RC9 update includes the radio, which is the same radio that was released with RC33

  10. That is really strange. The first thing I would try is just a reboot. If it's still doing it, maybe try to apply the JFv1.43 RC9 update again. It shouldn't be trying to upgrade you, because your version info should be the same as the RC9 version that it is trying to upgrade to.

  11. Confirmed. I've found a way to copy this from the Holiday version. You have to copy /system/app/VoiceSearch.apk of course, and also /system/lib/libendpointer.so

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